The Sea

By Brian Spiegel.

I want to show the coastline from beach, to cliff, to rock, to stone. I want to show the coastline it is made better by time and will of nature. I want to show the beach showing as the light from the sun bounces off of it. I want you to see it in all its vivid color that's why these images are now HDR and you are seeing the most light detail possible perceived. I hope you like these pictures they took time and effort to create and I enjoy viewing them.

The Forest

By Brian Spiegel.

I'm going to show the forest from branch to tree to running stream to rivers. I have a sort of a problem not many people of seeing these sites I've seen, I need your help you see to fill in your imagination and see into the forests as I see them. I hope you enjoy these photographs I have enjoyed creating and editing them and finally showing them.

Brian Spiegel.